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Lacuna Coil – Purify I cannot fight again myself no more self destruction that I predicted not a long time ago Petrified Thoughts so far from me The power of my justice blows me away it’s just the case to repeat what I’ve never said to you before Celebrate I’m alive again You don’t expect […]

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Roses To No One

Edguy – Roses To No One [Music & Lyrics: Tobias Sammet] I’m feeling this time as bad as never before A bleeding wag is fading away Once you needed me For spending delight Below the funny mask There’s a crying face The way that I smile is the way that I cry But you’ll never […]

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Flowing Tears – Serpentine deep inside I’m dying deep inside I’m hiding deep inside my every word a cry (alone I cry…) deep inside I’m heartless deep inside regardless kill for me – my every word a lie deep inside a child when tears and dreams go wild when deep inside comedian for life say […]

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Ligeiramente melancólica

The Sins Of Thy Beloved – Until The Dark Until the dark I’m searching for my love under the stars I’m fading all apart my heart is stolen taken away like they said when I have found as we stay there turn the faith in love I see you here with me but I fear […]

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Therion – To Mega Therion Powers Of Thagirion Watch The Great Beast To Be For To Mega Therion The Draconian Melody The Dragon Open The Eye And Reveal Both Truth And Lie Spiritual Supremacy Ride The Beast Of Ecstasy Spiritual Supremacy Ride The Beast Of Ecstasy Ialbaophs Creative Spark Manifests The Utmost Dark Ialbaophs Creative […]

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